Governance of the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank


Tissue Bank Advisory Council

The Tissue Bank Advisory Council advises on the scientific strategy of the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank and its implementation. The council comprises leading scientists and researchers from the breast cancer and biobanking fields worldwide, as well as bioinformaticians and patients. 

The Chair of the Tissue Bank Advisory Committee is Professor Wayne A Phillips, University of Melbourne.

To find out more about the Council, get in touch with us.

Tissue Access Committee

Our Tissue Access Committee reviews each application for tissue to ensure that the highest scientific and ethical standards are adhered to when using tissue from the Bank for research. For each application that is received, four scientific experts and a person who has lived with or is currently living with breast cancer will assess the application.

The Chair of the Tissue Access Committee is Dr Julia Gee, Cardiff University.

New cell access committee members

We have expanded the Cell Access Committee (CAC), which is a sub-group of the larger Tissue Access Committee, to include a number of new primary cell experts from around the world as well as several new patient advocates. Each application for cells it matched up with 3 experts in the field and a patient advocate for review. 

Once this group is satisfied cells will be used for a good-quality experiment, in an ethical way and without waste of precious material then the cells are released to the applicant. 

Committee members

Tissue Access experts 
Name Institution
Professor Andy Hanby (Deputy Chair) University of Leeds, UK
Dr Jacqueline James Queen’s University Belfast, UK
Professor Adrian Harris Oxford University, UK
Dr Nikolajs Zeps St John of God Healthcare, Australia
Dr Elizabeth Mallon University of Glasgow, UK
Dr Adrienne Morgan Independent Cancer Patients’ Voice
Dr Stephen Duffy Queen Mary University of London, UK
Professor Ingunn Holen University of Sheffield, UK
Dr Elinor Sawyer Kings College London, UK
Professor Angie Cox University of Sheffield, UK
Mairead MacKenzie Independent Cancer Patients’ Voice
Jacqui Gath Independent Cancer Patients’ Voice
Dr Adele Francis University of Birmingham, UK
Professor Graham Ball Nottingham Trent University, UK
Professor Diana Eccles University of Southampton, UK
Professor Sarah Pinder Kings College London, UK
Professor Leonie Young Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Dr Lesley-Ann Martin Institute of Cancer Research, UK
Professor Jacqui Shaw University of Leicester, UK
Professor Peter Schmid Queen Mary University of London, UK
Professor William Gallagher The University College Dublin, Ireland
Dr Emad Rakha University of Nottingham, UK
Cell Access experts
Name Institution
Dr Fedor Berdevchetski University of Birmingham, UK
Professor John Marshall Queen Mary University of London, UK
Dr Kara Britt Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia
Dr Susan Clare Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, USA
Professor Maddy Parsons     Kings College London, UK
Dr Claire Wells Kings College London, UK
Professor Christine Watson University of Cambridge, UK
Dr Laki Buluwela Imperial College London, UK
Dr Elad Katz University of Dundee, UK
Dr Anja van de Stolpe Philips Research, The Netherlands
Professor Joy Burchell Kings College London, UK
Dr Stephen Hiscox Cardiff University, UK
Dr Luke Piggott Cardiff University, UK
Dr Mathew Garnett Sanger Institute, UK
Hilary Stobart Independent Cancer Patients’ Voice
Elizabeth Benns Independent Cancer Patients’ Voice
Margaret Grayson Independent Cancer Patients’ Voice