Resources from the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank


Document descriptionReference
Application guidance BCNTB - GOV002
Tissue Access PolicyBCNTB - GOV001
Cost recovery mechanism and itemised costingsBCNTB - GOV003
Sample collectionBCCTB-SOP-001
Tissue processingBCCTB-SOP-002
Snap freezing fresh tissueBCCTB-SOP-003
Blood processingBCCTB-SOP-005
Approach to consentBCCTB-SOP-009
Withdrawal of consentBCCTB-SOP-010
Patient donor feedback and complaintsBCCTB-SOP-011
Disposal of tissuesBCCTB-SOP-012
Materials for researchersBCCTB-SOP-017
Staff trainingBCCTB-SOP-020
System sign offBCCTB-SOP-021
Data CollectionBCCTB-SOP-024
Exclusion of London pump prime samplesBCCTB-SOP-025
Preparation of MaterialsBCCTB-SOP-026
Packaging and shippingBCCTB-SOP-027
Return of dataBCCTB-SOP-028
Courier pickup and dispatchBCCTB-SOP-029
Disaster recoveryBCCTB-SOP-030